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 Changing all PHP settings

You first need to log into your CPanel account, once logged it you should find the PHP selector application, open it. Once opened you will be able to select the PHP version from the drop-down box.Within the same application, you can...

 Creating a MySQL database

1) Login to cPanel2) Go to the database section3) Click on the MySQL Database Wizzard and follow the instructions there

 How Do I pay my invoice?

At Diffusion Hosting we have two ways you can pay your invoices.1) Login to your Account2) Go to invoices3) click on the latest invoice 4) Select the payment method you wantThe first way is to pay using your debit/credit card. (we use...

 Using Cron jobs

1) login to your Cpanel account 2) Find the advanced section 3) Find the icon for Cron jobsSo what are cron jobs used for? They are used to schedule commands to run, this could be to run an antivirus scan or to send an email.An example...

 Become an affiliate

Why not make money from referrals?  Join our Affiliate Programme and receive a unique Link which you can send to customers or display on your website.  When clicked, the link automatically tracks any Hosting products purchased and...

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